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Rappel Waterfalls Adventure

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Rappel Waterfalls Adventure

Available Daily

Duration: 3 Hours

The Classic Rappelling Group Tour by Rappel Maui is an award-winning “walk on the wild side.”

And it’s Maui’s newest, boldest and most genuine adventure. You’ll find beautiful waterfalls on the Road to Hana and go RAPPELLING down these waterfalls and jungle cliffs and walls into the private rainforest canyon featured in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

Who Is the Classic Rappelling Group Tour For?

If you’re not familiar with the sport of canyoneering, you’re in good company. On the Classic Rappelling Group Tour or the Extended Zip Rappel Tour, most guests have no previous experience rappelling, which is why this tour is a Maui vacation game-changer and a bucket list-filler for just about everyone. On the Classic Rappelling Group Tour, you’ll receive the basic training in the world’s most beautiful setting to take on the canyon descents like a rock star. Your guides are there with hundreds of hours of training and experience and top of the line equipment.

What’s the Classic Rappelling Group Tour Format?

You’ll receive directions to a privately-owned property located an hour down the famous Hana Highway. Once you’re at the site, we’ll provide you with all your gear, including shoes, snacks and bottled water. The tour duration is approximately 3 hours.

How it Works:

Drive half the famous Hana Highway to meet your skillful and knowledgeable guides.

Destination: a 30-acre botanical garden where you gear up like a pro in top-rated professional equipment including footwear, harness, backpack with dry keg, flotation jacket and helmet.

Hike a short distance under a rainforest canopy on private valley trails.

After briefing and demonstration from your guides, you’ll train to use your harness and rope on a ridge overlooking the valley. Bring your camera!

Practice your moves on a 60-foot dry rappel down a jungle wall – this is where you’ll find your inner canyoneer.

Take a 50-foot waterfall rappel into a large, natural pool. There’s a short swim to the shallow side, where there are places to rest, take in the beauty and take photos.

Descend the 30-foot waterfall, also with a short swim at the bottom.

If long periods of heavy rains or severe weather cause high or swift water, we do alternate rappels a safe distance from the water course. High water days are often thrilling, as the sights and sounds of the roaring falls are quite spectacular.

The hike back to the top is a well-maintained trail under a cool canopy of plants, ferns and trees. Use the anchored ropes as handrailings, and stop to rest, take photos and drink water when necessary. You’ll do a total of 1/2 mile of hiking with an elevation gain of about 300 feet.


All participants must weigh between 70lbs and 250lbs, with a waist measurement between 22 and 48 inches.